Make time to invest in you,

and in clarifying your creative vision.


Anchored in the tennets of Virtuosa Society's mission pillars of elevated conversation, mentorship and collaboration is our new Maestra Masterclass in-person (IRL) event!

Virtuosa Society's Maestra Masterclass at The Aerie Retreat is a 3-hour workshop for women aspiring to gain clarity and practical encouragement in their creative and life pursuits. Our interactive and intimate workshop sessions are founded upon the value of women coming together in a safe and creative space.

Through her powerful 3-part "DEFINING YOUR VALUES – WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU?" Masterclass, Mental Health & Development Coach Sofi von Trapp will guide you through exploration of your values and how those values are important to you. You'll be provided with practical tools to apply a values ladder to creative and life experiences.

Sofi expresses, "Your values are not defined by other people or society at large, they are entirely personal and unique to you. They determine your actions, as well as your choices in life. The more you are in tune with your true values, the more you will live a fulfilling life as your beautiful, authentic self. This session will give you the tools to help you let go of the noise around you to focus on your unique values and your own creative voice."

Our Maestra Masterclass is offered on two seperate days: January 27 & January 28, 2024. You'll have your choice of either date, as the material will be identical both days. 

Why two seperate days? So we can keep the class intimate and encourage nourishing networking among attendees, as well as allow for more personalized attention from our facilitator and event team. 

The Aerie Retreat in Klamath Falls, Oregon is our fabulous host. Nestled amidst ancient pines and soaked in sunshine (even in cold temperatures - Klamath Falls is known as The City of Sunshine), this loving environment is home to the intimacy-therapy practice of Virtuosa Society member Natalie Vartanian and her husband Glen.

Doors open at 9:30am for arrivals.

  • 10 - 10:45am
    • Introduction & Elevation Conversation between Katie & Sofi (30min conversation with 15min Q & A)
  • 11am - 12pm: Workshop 1
    • Breathwork, Values Overview, Dyads with exercises (50min with 10min break)
  • 12 - 1pm: Workshop 2
    • "The Values Ladder": Process & Exploration (50min with 10min break)
  • 1 - 1:30pm: Workshop 3
    • Life Application of the Values Ladder + Accountability (30min)
  • 1:30 - 2pm Conclusion & Tea 


This is agenda is subject to adjustment.

Seating is LIMITED to 20 attendees each day for a total of only 40 reservations.

Reservations are open to all women seeking creative development and connection with other creatives! You don't have to be a member of Virtuosa Society to take part in this event. We're excited to open this event to the public!

Seat reservations are $75.


What you'll get:

  • Reserved seat for Maestra Masterclass on your choice of SATURDAY, JANUARY 27 or SUNDAY, JANUARY 28, 2024.
  • Interactive guidance and supplementary materials from our facilitator, Mental Health & Development Coach Sofi von Trapp.
  • Complimentary tea, lite snacks and herbal drinks.
  • Limited-edition merchandise from Virtuosa Society and goodies from our affiliate partners available for purchase.
  • Priceless opportunity to nourish your creative spark with practical mental health tools and encouragement from uplifting women!



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Meet our Maestra,

Sofi von Trapp

Mental Health & Development Coach for Music Professionals 

ACT Certified & 20+ years music industry experience

Meet our Moderator,

Katie Harman


Founder & CEO of Virtuosa Society

Professional Singer & Actor for over 20 years & served as Miss America 2002 in the wake of 9/11

Meet our Collaborator,

Natalie Vartanian


Co-owner of The Aerie Retreat

Certified Life Coach, Intimacy Coach & Innovative Program Facilitator


Email our event team at [email protected]