Welcome to Katie's 3-Part Video Series for Female Creatives

Challenge #3:

Access to Help


Searching for specializedĀ help and supportive resources shouldn't be as labor and time intensive - nor as illusive - as the search for a lost city.

But it can certainly feel that way without thoughtful guidance from those who've walked in your shoes.


In Video 3, Katie Harman, founder of Virtuosa Society, maps out the solution to uncovering a more clearĀ path to access effective help:

  • Every creative possesses a unique skillset. Everyone! But with billions of people on the planet, too often we doubt our ability to contribute something valuable. "Who am I to say or do that?" This fosters the idea that we must only be exceptional to contribute effectively - which is absolutely false!
  • The key to creating a strong network of resources, and therefore help that actually speaks to the core of the non-linear issues female creatives face, is that each woman harnesses, trusts and shares her strength in tandem with the strength of another creative. Collaboration is the rising tide that will lift all boats.
  • Similarly, when a woman activates the courage to mentor another woman,Ā  and she is confident in her skillset but empathetic and emotionally intelligent enough to recognize that we're all merely steps away from someone else's experience level, that confidence is transferrable! Exponentially, womenĀ become collectively wiser and create larger access channels for themselves and others, thus elevating society too.