About Katie 

In 2017, Katie Harman began a search for the works and stories of hidden female composers. As she scaled mountains of research - all while heavily pursuing her own professional journey as a musician - she noticed patterns of struggle among female creatives throughout history and across genres. The stories of secret (and some not-so-secret) societies that emerged from shared struggle was a lightening rod, and Katie wondered: does a platform exist to draw modern creatives together to network and foster collaboration, furthering purpose-driven work across creative industry? 
Thus Virtuosa Society was born in 2020, at the height of a global pandemic, in the throes of immense social change, and as an answer to Katie's wonderings.
 Today, Virtuosa Society is a membership collective that offers professional and personal support to female creatives across genres and levels of experience. Membership supports connection, mentorship and collaboration thus fostering and championing purpose-filled contributions to art, society and humanity.

About the brand 

We recognize the unique non-linear journey of female creatives and highlight the very specific challenges and opportunities surrounding female creatives. Where women gather, our stories cultivate growth.
We believe collaboration and access to community will help alleviate burnout and also shift the perception paradigm surrounding creative life from being highly competitive, male-driven and all-or-nothing.
We believe that the output of female creatives are imperative for strengthening society. Where women gather, we generate the power to elevate the whole of society and creativity can flourish in abundance.

Why I Do It

The Virtuosa Society is comfortable and intimate. Meant to nourish souls with uplifting conversation, ignite minds with creativity, knit collaborations together and champion purpose-filled contributions from female creators in a safe, supportive environment. Virtuosa Society is elevated in thought, heartfelt in action, practical in application and innovative in the celebration of creativity.

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