April Newsletter

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“A bronze statue of the Seed and the Sower - a Prairie woman - sowing seed in her ''garden''.

Part of the Cheyenne Botanical Gardens.”

Photo by Larry Jacobsen


Spring has swept in with her loving perpetual breeze as we transition into the warmth of the sun. It is time to plant our seeds of action and encourage them to take root within the nourishment of our soil. We must be diligent in our responsibility, ensuring every possibility of growth as the earth breathes new life into everything nestled in its care. Let us be rejuvenated by this time of action as we take root, breaking through the dirt and darkness, ready to embrace clarity as our greenery reaches for the sun! May we accept our roles as the keepers of our gardens, embodying the wisdom and responsibility of Mother Nature as we tend to our growth for the coming year.



Virtuosa Society was founded to meet the need for women in creative spaces to connect with one another, so we jumped at the chance to organize both a URL and IRL Garden Party. We poured so much love into these events and our hearts were so full as we witnessed these seeds of inspiration being sewn for those who joined.

Exploring the art of crafting Vision Boards was a fresh adventure for some, while for others, it's been a long and cherished tradition. It was truly a joy to exchange insights and questions, fostering our collective growth through these shared experiences. Here's to embracing the boundless possibilities of Spring and the journey ahead!

Our IRL events just keep coming! Stay tuned for more details as we plan a special Summer Solstice hike on June 20th in Klamath Falls.



The next Maestra Masterclass is on the horizon for this Fall 2024. Keep an eye out for more details as we prepare to learn and grow under the guidance of the amazing Georgine Rice! This Maestra is a triple threat of her own: a celebrated radio host, speaker, and gospel singer with decades of experience. You can read more about her on Katie’s blog. 



If you're looking for even more inspiring creative women, members can access our entire library of Elevation Conversations at any time! We have had some amazing talks with these women who come from all walks of life and share the good, the bad, and everything in between with our members.


We are so ready to sow our seeds of creative success for 2024, and we would love for you to join us.


Where women gather, creativity flourishes.

Where women gather, our stories cultivate growth.

Where women gather, we generate the power to elevate the whole of society.