Creativity & Her Constant Loving Growth

2024 community garden party inspiration motivation nourishment perspective seasonal transition Mar 08, 2024

Happy International Women’s Day! May we celebrate our strength and tenderness, walking with our sisters along impossible paths with immeasurable grace as we have throughout history. We are instinct and grit. We are boundless joy. We grieve as deeply as we love. We are women. We are timeless. We are infinite! And oh, so precious and powerful.

From a young age, we are too often convinced that we should fit in a pretty little box. Don’t be too this or too that. Don’t wear certain clothes, because they make you responsible for the thoughts and actions of others. Don’t try to be a leader, you’ll just sound bossy. And my least favorite… smile more! Ew.

My favorite thing about being a woman though, is setting that pretty little box on fire. Dramatic? Maybe. But if breaking through the mold makes me a diva, well, hand me my Betsy Johnson boots. I have ashes to spread and a new journey ahead of me.



The constant desperate motion to break free of stereotypes feels so ingrained in me that I never stopped to think about it until now. Embracing a seasonal perspective and finding stillness in the Winter season was a challenge. I realized I couldn’t spend all of my time fighting. I needed to rest and give myself permission to find meaning beyond struggle.

The constant loving motion of creativity is similar, but she’s more of a lover than a fighter. We got to know each other pretty well during hibernation. She taught me that love is not a weapon, but it’s the most powerful driving force nonetheless. 

The difference between fighting fear and growing with love is sometimes a very fine line. Of course we’re going to shatter some perceptions. That’s just the nature of our society and our existence within it. But do we do it to prove them wrong? Or to reassure ourselves that we were right all along, and already whole regardless of external expectations? 

The ultimate difference, though, is that love conquers all. She never makes space for fear. Truly loving ourselves and fully embracing creativity leaves no room for stereotypes, instead triggering an upward spiral of possibility.



My happy places are the ones where I get to create and harness my own brilliance. My piano. My kitchen. My cozy writing chair. And my craft room that I’m darn lucky to still have as a renter in the current economy. These happy places are also a happy mess more often than not as I find myself on that upward spiral - creating, reveling, finding new inspiration, and repeating to my heart’s content.

Then comes a different challenge. Action inspired action as I burned that pretty little box to ashes; creativity inspires creativity and suddenly I have ten more projects I want to bring to life. 

Where does it end? Or does it truly end? Do I really even want it to?

I think not.

The constant loving motion of creativity is fuel for life. Maybe the stillness of Winter was a challenge because, let’s face it, we can never turn off our creativity. She’s a flowing river in her quiet moments, and a vast ocean once she knows we’re ready to dive in. She is the seed that sprouts and the flower that blooms. She is the busy bee that knows nothing but loyalty to the stronghold of her hive, spreading nourishment as she simply does what comes naturally. 

This is why we have embraced a seasonal perspective this year. Sometimes we just need a gentle stream as a reminder of possibility as we turn inward to reflect. But we will never truly stop being who we are. And as the snow melts away, the now rushing waters nourish new life in the Spring and continue to steadily break the barriers that contain it. 

May we always remember to slow down and rest before beginning again. And may we, as creative and powerful women following the example of earth around us, never stop breaking barriers under the natural guidance of constant loving growth.


With love and encouragement,

Caia Claire

Virtuosa Society Digital Media Manager



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