June Newsletter

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The Singer in Pink - Jean Louis Forain C. 1865


The tragic comedy of women in show business is that we are expected to be stage ready, grace an audience with natural poise and talent, then reap few rewards for our efforts save the fleeting attention of admirers that too often hangs on our appearance. Meanwhile, we press our costumes and rehearse for hours on end. We subject our skin to the beauty standards of the time, our hair to intense heat to get the perfect curl, and condition our bodies for specific shoes and posture. We block our movements, each one carefully planned to complement musical accompaniment, our assigned character, and the performance as a whole. We write, rewrite, compose, direct, and ultimately, perform. The show must go on! There is freedom on the stage, in becoming another person and channeling stories that deserve to be told. So too is there power in coming as we are, with wisdom in the very lines of our skin, authenticity thriving in our natural waves and imperfect curls. May we reclaim the spotlight of expectations and shine it on our authentic selves, instead reaping the rewards of our own stories shared with the world. And may we, as creative women, only ever perform as we see fit! 



Speaking of spotlights, Mother Nature’s may be the most powerful of them all. Summer is closing in with her playful energy, and the sun shines on all the world for us to behold her splendor. Don’t forget to register for our Summer Solstice Hike on Thursday, June 20th!

We will be traversing along the moderately difficult Queen of The Lake Trail in Klamath Falls, Oregon. All women are welcome to join, and everyone who registers will receive a hand-stamped bandana by artist Kate O’Hara, with the word “Virtuosa” lovingly stitched into the corner by embroidery artist (and fantastic cello player!) Angela Leach. We will also enjoy a delicious meal thoughtfully prepared by Keegan Mueller, owner of A Leap of Taste, with optional Better Than Booze Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for your sipping pleasure.


Register now and we will see you there!



Many of us at Virtuosa Society are fans of the theater, if you couldn’t tell! In spirit with our seasonal perspective, we are also taking some inspiration for drawing the curtains for a short time this Summer.

As they say in the theater, Virtuosa Society is going dark… to emerge once again and shine the spotlight on even more creative women and ways to uplift them.

Our entire website will be getting a stage-ready makeover as we prepare to roll out additional services and events! We thank you for your patience as we prepare for our next season of productions, aka new offerings that we are very excited to present to you. You may not hear from us for a bit, but rest assured that there is a lot going on behind the scenes. The show will go on!

In the meantime, we would love to hear some feedback from you. Click here to check out our very short survey, click a few boxes, and we will lovingly keep your inspiration in mind as we roll out these changes.

Virtuosa Society will be back online for our (and Katie’s!) birthday in August. Stay tuned!



As difficult as it is to end an era, we have to keep in mind that better things can always be in store. June will be our final month of member-exclusive Elevation Conversations. We have had many incredible women bring their various talents to our virtual table, and we thank every woman who has tuned in over the past year to share their stories and celebrate their continued achievements. We have a few more in store before our Summer transformation, and members can still access replays on our website in the meantime.

Don't worry though, just like our website and services, Elevation Conversations will undergo a metamorphosis of their own and will return!

  As we prepare for big changes on the horizon, we encourage you too to harness the playful energy of Summer and invest in the creative strategies that work for you. This is a beautiful time to collaborate, like the earth flourishes with the sun, and explore your own self-sustainability as we continue to balance the work and play necessary to live our most fulfilling lives.


We will continue to give updates and share inspiration through the month of June. Thank you for walking with us on this journey! There will be more to come very soon.


With love,

The Virtuosa Society Team