Reflections of the Heart & Hair

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Why is it so difficult for us to look and feel our best?


I had a sleepover recently, the first one in a long time. As my friend unloaded during the inevitable deep conversation, I grabbed my brush and conditioning spray and began detangling her hair. She interrupted herself to say, “Please don’t judge me. My hair is a reflection of my heart.”

The depth of that insight was immeasurable.

As women, we are constantly pressured to keep up appearances, no matter the cost… which can include our free time to get ready, our space for tools and products, our investments into manicures and highlights and trendy clothes.

But our bodies are indeed a reflection of our inner world. Some days, a t-shirt and sweatpants is as good as it gets. But is it such a bad thing to be so comfortable, to move freely about the day as our most relaxed and authentic selves? 

Remember that nourishing the body also nourishes the soul. Every aspect of self-care reflects inside and out, from the roots of our hair to the depths of our hearts. 

So protect those beautiful locks, no matter how tangled they may get, just as you would protect your heart from getting tangled into affairs that threaten dead ends and thirst for nourishment. 

Take care of your nails like you would care for your inner child, as both have an important job of protecting a soft sensitivity underneath. 

And rock those sweatpants, because at the end of the day, you deserve to move freely and exist as your most authentic self… with the added bonus of pockets. #justgirlythings 

As we take this time to reflect on self-care, we want to know what inspires YOU to thrive as a creative woman. Click here and check all that apply - we would love to hear from you!


All that being said, ladies, we all know how great it feels to look fabulous. 

So we want to give a special shout-out to You Go Natural and their gorgeous protective wraps, headbands, and turbans. Founder Monique Little began with just a sewing machine in her mom’s living room, and she continues to thrive as her business elevates the way haircare is perceived  - all while protecting those gorgeous curls!

From YGN:

“We are inspired by the countless women who built the natural haircare industry from the ground up at a time when our own home recipes were all we had. We continue to carry the baton forward, addressing the haircare needs we all face but have not yet been filled.”

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In case you missed our weekly spotlight email (sign up here!), here’s another fantastic business that harnesses the nourishing power of gentle and plant-based ingredients. Mother Nature approves!

Crown Affair has quickly become one of our favorite lines of hair care products. After all, hair care is self care. This brand is clean, vegan, ethically sourced, is cruelty/paraben/sulfate free, and for all hair types. 

From founder and CEO Dianna Cohen:

“Crown Affair is a love letter to those who seek to change their relationship with their hair, appreciate its natural beauty, and, most importantly, take care.”

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Get that sunscreen ready, gals. April showers won’t last forever! 

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We keep dropping teasers for the next Maestra Masterclass, but this one is looking to be a little different. Powerhouse singer and speaker Georgene Rice will be our next featured Maestra this Fall. There are LOTS of details to work out, and we are eager to share them with you!

Stay tuned…

And always remember: if you find your hair is a mess, be kind to your heart. You are worth every gentle moment it takes to detangle. 

With love,

Caia Claire & The Virtuosa Society Team

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