Solace of the Solstice

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A graphic designed for Virtuosa Society's Summer Solstice hike with the date June 20, 2024 and location Klamath Falls detailed over a photo of one woman offering her hand to another woman during a hike.

I love finding creepy crawlies in my home.

I used to be terrified of them. House centipedes look like a mad scientist got a hold of my false eyelashes and somehow zapped them to life to lurk around my ceiling. We’ve all heard the brown recluse stories. Grass and Wolf spiders are impossibly fast! And the orb-weavers with the huge webs that always find the most inconvenient spot by the door? Excuse me, you don’t pay rent here.

It took a long time to get over that fear. I learned that those creepy crawlies are just trying to live their best lives and they were there long before me, proven by the presence of more than a dozen orb-weavers around my porch light on any given summer evening.

Appreciating nature can be difficult from the comfort of your own home. Maybe the birds sing the songs of their people well before your alarm goes off in the morning. Or there are more creepy crawlies creep-crawling about than you would like. Maybe the spring pollen is so intense that it feels fruitless to wash it off your car when a fresh layer will settle in the next day, or you have to take extra measures to keep deer out of your garden.

Our homes are just that: a comfort. A sanctuary away from looming dangers and possible threats, a clean place to keep our food and a cozy place to rest. They are a man-made structure among other, less material man-made structures of commercial wealth that nature itself does not function to provide.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to move into a mountain cave. I will still gladly clean my house to minimize the many-legged guests that wander in. Even from the comfort of these walls, though, the call of nature is strong.

Have you ever faced intense anxiety at the thought of running to the grocery store? Or dreaded what you knew would be a simple phone call? Or had to wake up early and still look refreshed for an important meeting?

These are the man-made structures I mentioned. We all have our anxieties to face and standards to uphold. As women, I’m sure all of us have felt a version of desire to move into a mountain cave instead.



The thing is, when you immerse yourself in the grandeur of nature - on a mountain, in the desert, next to a lake, the woods, etc. - those structures then only exist within you, if you let them. No deer is going to wander by and tell you to smile. No spider is going to schedule an important phone call later in the week. The birds have plenty more to talk about than why you may be wearing sweatpants. The trees may wave hello, but that’s as nosy of a neighbor as they ever will be.

Mother Nature’s only expectation is that everything serves its own purpose, and within her structure lies opportunity for everything to meet that expectation. The Aspens are not pressured to be prettier than the Pines. Instead, they share a unique root structure and thrive as a community. Ponds are not shamed for being smaller than lakes - they are praised as a small sanctuary for microscopic ecosystems. No bee in its hive will ever face a wage gap! They are fulfilled in their purpose for simply existing as they are, and helping each other along the way.

As creative women, we deserve to find the same fulfillment.

Lucky for us, Mother Nature offers an outstanding invitation to revel in the balance and beauty of her world, without judgment and far from the double standards of man-made structures that we spend our lives navigating. 



We are so excited to announce that registration is officially open for our Summer Solstice Hike!


If you’re reading this on Friday, May 24th, use code SOLSTICE10 for $10 off! This code is only valid until midnight tonight, so CLICK HERE and register now 💚


We are planning a very special hike in Klamath Falls, OR for any woman who would like to attend. You don’t have to be a Virtuosa Society member to join us - the more the merrier! Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 20th and let's expand our loving community of creative women.



Many beautiful sights, sounds, and smells await us at the Queen of The Lake Trail. This is a moderate 4.1-mile round trip hike with gorgeous views of the lake along the entire stretch.

Midway through the hike, you'll find respite in a grassy overlook to watch the sunset reflect upon the lake while you're treated to a thoughtfully curated chef-prepared 3-course gourmet meal, featuring locally sourced summer-themed faire by Keegan Mueller, artful owner of Leap of Taste. There will also be Better Than Booze non-alcoholic mocktails available for your sipping pleasure.



Everyone who registers will also receive a cotton bandana that was hand-printed by artist Kate O’Hara and sweetly chain-stitch embroidered by Angela Leach with "Virtuosa" to remind you of the power of your creativity and energy!


We so look forward to finding a peaceful sanctuary along the Queen of The Lake trail with fellow creative women, food and refreshments, and the empowerment of nature and community. Spread the word and invite your gal pals, and don’t forget to register today 5/23 by midnight and use code SOLSTICE10 for that discount. (Event registration closes on Monday, June 17th at midnight.)




Where women gather, creativity flourishes.

Where women gather, our stories cultivate growth.

Where women gather, we generate the power to elevate the whole of society.

With love,

Caia Claire | Newsletter Manager

& the Virtuosa Society Team