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Registration for our Summer Solstice Hike is open!

Ladies of Klamath Falls, we would love for you to join our journey along the Queen of The Lake Trail on the evening of Thursday, June 20th to celebrate the coming of Summer.

You don’t need to be a Virtuosa Society member to join us. This event is open to all women of every walk of life to come together as we celebrate the healing powers of nature and community among women.

Click here to register, and continue reading to see what we have in store!

The benefits of our seasonal perspective began as an internal shift in the quiet Winter months, and are now blooming in the fresh air and warm sunshine of Spring.

Refocusing your life to flow with the seasons is not an easy endeavor, and it may not make much sense in a commercially driven society that strives for convenience and instant gratification; yet we have found it to be profoundly fulfilling. But why?

Studies have shown that more time spent in urban areas increases the risk of sensory overload, which in turn increases the risk of mental fatigue and shortened attention spans. As executive function then slips as a result, so too does our ability to regulate and and keep up with professional deadlines as well as personal needs.

Studies have also shown that the more time we spend connected to nature, the easier it is for our brains and bodies to regulate. Common stressors slip away into the open air, and the flashing lights and screens that demand our attention at every turn are nowhere to be seen. We as humans tend to be more physically active in a natural setting as well, increasing heart and respiratory health on top of a healthy dose of Vitamin D from a beautiful sunny day.

We as women know the cycle of burnout all too well, having carried the load of childbearing and keeping a home until earning the right to make less money doing the same jobs as our male counterparts. It is so easy to feel like the world is against us or that we need to work harder and power through for our efforts to be of worth. The more time we spend in nature, though, the less important those man-made structures are, and their power over us slips away like the sun over the horizon.

There have also been studies that explore even the most fleeting of human connections and their overall impact on our health and lifespan. Perhaps you don’t get to spend time at events with family and friends as often as you like, but the barista remembering your favorite order or a friendly wave from a neighbor can also make all the difference in our day to day lives. Human connections do not need a clickbait headline for appeal; they are by nature a kind and loving imprint on everyone we interact with and, in turn, within our own selves.

All this being said, we are not here to convince you that a ten minute walk outside will cure your anxiety. A pleasant interaction at the coffee shop is certainly not the cure for burnout, either. But the more we invest in what contributes to our overall well-being, the easier it is to keep investing, inviting a world of wellness into our lives. 



Our Summer Solstice Hike will guide us through the incredible views of the Queen of The Lake Trail, a treat for the senses and relief from the overwhelm.

This is considered to be a moderately challenging hike, richly rewarded with views of the lake and local wildlife. It is a popular spot for hiking, though moments of solitude can still be found during quieter times of day. The refreshing sight, sound, and smell of the lake follows the entirety of the hiking trail, and sightings of local wildlife are common as well.

It is fairly level throughout, however the terrain is true to Mother Nature’s signature setting: there is a place for everything and everything has its place. A few rocky spots and tall grass fields complement the walking trail, so sturdy shoes and pants are recommended for this beautiful excursion.

You can read more about the Queen of The Lake Trail at This site is a hiking gal’s BFF for those who love to plan ahead!



Halfway through the hike, we will enjoy a delectable meal thoughtfully planned and prepared by Keegan Mueller, owner of A Leap of Taste in Klamath Falls, OR.

A Leap of Taste is a unique and cozy café in the heart of downtown Klamath Falls specializing in espresso, gourmet deli sandwiches, sustainable grocery items and gifts.

This meal will include an appetizer, entree, and light dessert with the option of a Better Than Booze Non-Alcoholic Beverage for your sipping pleasure. Meat-free options are also available for this sweet and savory meal! Just let us know which you prefer after you register.



Just like a walk in nature, sometimes the small and simple things bring the most joy. So every woman who registers for the Summer Solstice Hike will receive a hand-stamped cotton bandana with “Virtuosa” thoughtfully stitched into the corner to remind you of your own excellence and inner power. 

This beautiful cotton accessory measures 21x21”, perfect for styling to protect your head and hair or neck from the sun, as a wristband to soak up extra moisture, or as a complementary statement on your favorite bag!

These beautiful bandanas were designed and stamped by Kate O’Hara, an artist based out of Reno, NV who is known for her intricate nature-inspired illustrations.

Klamath Falls local embroidery artist (who also happens to be a fantastic cello player) Angela Leach lovingly chain stitched each bandana with our - your! - moniker: “Virtuosa .”

Check out more of Kate O’Hara’s amazing work on her website!



As we prepare for this local getaway, we are holding space for the immense hope and healing power that nature and the company of fellow women has to offer. Rest assured that you do not have to be athletically inclined to join us - we are holding space for YOU as well, no matter where you are on your walk of life.

May we come together to soothe the overwhelm and indulge in the priceless connection of humanity and nature. And may we, as creative women, never forget that we can harness the power of nature to nurture our inner Virtuosa.


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