Episode 4: Sally Sallies Forth

Season #1

Episode 4 uncovers the hidden story of the first all-female film and its British amateur filmmaking club roots. Sally Sallies Forth is a 26-minute comedy romp about a young woman who becomes a maid for a day at a garden tea party. Written, directed and produced by 26-year-old Frances Lascot alongside 9 other fellow female film enthusiasts, the film was shot over two blustery weekends in October 1928 for the December meeting of the London Amateur Cinematographers Association.

Host Katie Harman recounts how the lost film and subsequent records of the 10 women who made the film were discovered and made public for the first time in over 90 years by the University of East Anglia and the East Anglian Film Archive.

In connection, Katie has a fascinating conversation with Elizabeth Gracen, Founder of the nonprofit, Flapper House Inc. Elizabeth is a filmmaker, writer and actress with a mission to create educational, informational, inspirational content and support creatives across all mediums. She is the owner of Flapper Films, Flapper Press, and the creator of the ongoing documentary film archival project and support platform, The Gen Z Collective. Take a look at Flapper Press’ feature on Virtuosa Society!

Films and research referenced throughout the episode:

Sally Sallies Forth, at the East Anglian Film Archive

The Polite Burglar, at the East Anglian Film Archive

“Invisible Innovators: Making Women Filmmakers Visible Across the UK Film Archives” report by Dr. Keith Johnston, Dr. Sarah Hill, and Dr Stephanie Clayton

TNA Project: Cataloguing of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers Women Film Makers' Films

“The hidden history of women’s filmmaking in Britain”

Laura Rossi’s Silent Women Film Project

British Women Amateur Filmmakers: National Memories and Global Identities by Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes, Heather Norris Nicholson

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Producer: Katie Harman @katieharmanebner

Audio Engineer: Will Cowser @williamcowser

Title Song: “Reflection of the Sun” by Anna Landström