Episode 6: Yours Ever, Jane

Season #1

Episode 6 is the intentionally hidden story of the two most important collaborators in the life of celebrated writer Jane Austen: her older sister Cassandra and Anne Sharp, a governess and Jane’s only fellow writer friend.

Host Katie Harman unfolds the story of the influence of both women in Jane’s life and writing, as well as the shocking background of why their names have been buried in historical accounts of Jane’s life.

The episode also features several snippets of Jane’s private letters (read by AI voice!) and a terrific interview with researcher and author Dr. Anna Beer.

Research referenced throughout the episode:

Eve Bites Back: An Alternative History of English Literature

By Anna Beer


A Secret Sisterhood 

By Emily Midorikawa & Emma Claire Sweeney


“Reveries under the Sign of Austen: Jane Austen & Anne Sharp” (Article)

By Ellen Moody



Producer: Katie Harman @katieharmanebner

Audio Engineer: Will Cowser @williamcowser

Title Song: “Reflection of the Sun” by Anna Landström