Between the Bio - The Von Trapp Sisters

Season #1

In Virtuosa Society Podcast’s inaugural “Between the Bio” episode, Katie Harman sits down with Sofi, Melanie and Amanda Von Trapp for a candid conversation about sisterhood, singing, individuality and collaboration. Episode 6 of the Virtuosa Society Podcast featured the hidden story of sisters Jane and Cassandra Austen. The Von Trapp Sisters, just like Jane and Cassandra, share a famous heritage and an even tighter bond. “Between the Bio” interviews are meant to dig a little deeper between the highlight’s in a creative’s bio, into the spaces and pockets of their experience where the nuances, challenges, truths and growth happen. Because we don’t talk about them nearly enough. And because conversations like this are vital for understanding the uniqueness and sameness of life as a female creative. Learn more about Virtuosa Society at Producer: Katie Harman @katieharmanebner Audio Engineer: Wil Cowser @williamcowser Title Song: “Against The Odds” by Carmen Justice