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Meret Oppenheim, Glove (Parkett magazine, No. 4), 1985; Screenprint on goat suede with thread. This piece depicts blue-grey gloves traced with red veins that fit into hand-shaped cutouts in the pages of an open journal. Photo by Lee Stalsworth.

Meret Oppenheim, Glove (Parkett magazine, No. 4), 1985; Screenprint on goat suede with thread, 8 3/4 x 3 1/4 in.; National Museum of Women in the Arts, Gift of Thomas Hill, in memory of Rosemary Furtak; © ProLitteris Zurich, courtesy of Lisa Wenger and Martin A. Bühler, Meret Oppenheim Estate; Photo by Lee Stalsworth

Hands are the artist’s working tools. Oppenheim’s many images of gloves created during her lifetime may attest to her concern for her own hands, as well as expressing her interest in fashion and wearable art.



Our seeds have taken root! Now is the time to set the pace with which we will grow tall and move forward. The whole of nature continues to do what it does best, providing clear and simple inspiration for how we tend to the gardens that we will lovingly guide to fruition. This is a time for encouragement and collaboration, working with the bees and sunshine as they continue their cycles of nourishment for all that grows in the care of Mother Earth - and all that has rooted in our hearts as creative women. May we work consistently and joyfully as the world warms up and welcomes new growth! And may we take this time to discover what it truly means to sustain our gardens of life this season.


Dear Virtuosas,

In a world that often tries to silence our voices, there is immeasurable power in the stories we tell. As women, each of us carries within us a unique tapestry of experiences, triumphs, and challenges that deserve to be heard and celebrated. There is profound value in sharing our life stories and how it enriches not just our own lives but the lives of those around us.

As I write this, I’m reflecting on the thirty-four remarkable, diverse and enriching LIVE Elevation Conversations we’ve had since our very first with formidable singer, songwriter and activist Edna Vazquez on August 22, 2023 – just five days after opening our doors to members. Thus, we’ve witnessed thirty-four women openly share the “spaces between the highlights” of their bios, allowing them to see and appreciate their individual magic, as well as see the magic in others.

There's something incredibly empowering about owning our narratives. When we share our stories, we reclaim control over our lives and refuse to be defined by others' perceptions. In the act of sharing, we find healing, validation, and the courage to embrace our authentic selves. And as we stand in our truth, we inspire others to do the same.

One of the most beautiful aspects of sharing our stories is the sense of connection it fosters. When we listen to each other's experiences with empathy and compassion, we create bonds of sisterhood that transcend barriers of age, race, and background. In our shared vulnerabilities and triumphs, we find strength and solidarity.

Our stories matter because they represent the rich diversity of the female experience. By sharing our journeys, we break down stereotypes, challenge societal norms, and pave the way for greater inclusivity and understanding. Whether we're recounting tales of overcoming adversity or celebrating our successes, each story adds another layer to the mosaic of womanhood.

Our stories are not just personal narratives; they're catalysts for cultural transformation. Women gathered in solidarity and shared experience refracts light in all directions, like a gemstone in the sun.

I’m incredibly lucky to witness all of this firsthand alongside each member who partakes in our weekly EC Series and I am an ardent advocate for amplifying women’s voices and stories because of my personal experiences and what I have learned from the matriarchs who’ve walked before us. Therefore, Elevation Conversations remain central to the foundation upon which our mission and services are built. It is also why we at Virtuosa Society are passionate about asking women to carve out an hour each week to gather LIVE to share, listen and reflect. An hour that will nourish your soul and fill you with wonder. Wonder at just how awe-inspiring it is to be a woman.

Dear Virtuosas, let us never underestimate the transformative power of our stories. Let us continue to share, listen, and uplift one another as we journey together towards a future where every woman's voice is heard and honored.

Are you ready to share your story?

We're ready to hear it!



Last week, we opened the velvet ropes of membership for Virtuosa Society by having our first ever OPEN LIVE Elevation Conversation with renowned artist Layla Fanucci.

You can still register here to view the replay in our library until midnight on Tuesday, May 7th!



We are narrowing down our trail choices for our Summer Solstice hike! Ladies of Klamath Falls in Oregon, mark your calendars for Thursday, June 20th and keep an eye out for registration… it will be opening soon.

We look forward to enjoying the open air, beautiful views, and lovely company of fellow creative women, including YOU!



The upcoming Maestra Masterclass this Fall is looking to be unlike anything else we have done before. This live event already has an amazing energy of its own and we are so excited to share more details as they solidify.

Katie wrote it best about Georgene Rice, our next Maestra for this masterclass:

My dear friend Georgene Rice is just such a person! Georgene has been a respected talk show host with KPDQ Radio in Portland, Oregon for more than three decades and has traveled internationally as a station correspondent. She has lectured on university campuses and is a frequent speaker and worship leader at Christian conferences and retreats. Georgene has served on several Boards and regularly volunteers for charitable organizations. As a musician Georgene and her husband Dan have traveled around the world teaching and performing Gospel music.

Georgene also collaborated with Deborah Greenidge and Gerutha Favorel-Greenidge to write Undaunted: The Daring Journey of Faithfulness, a compilation of intimate devotionals where all three women share their journeys through heartache, disappointment and pain, into faithfulness and devotion. The bond these three share is truly unmatched, and so is their humor! We highly encourage you to check out this book as we eagerly await more details and registration for Virtuosa Society’s second Maestra Masterclass in Fall of 2024.


Virtuosa Society is nearing its first year of life! As we reflect and prepare to celebrate later this Summer, we are reminded of every creative woman’s nonlinear journey that we have celebrated along the way.

Check out our 2023 Year In Reverie to learn about how Virtuosa Society came to be, and catch up on our blog for all of the events and inspiration we have found along the way... including when we decided to embrace a seasonal perspective for the year.

Become a member today to access our entire library of Elevation Conversations with incredible Virtuosas from around the country, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletters and catch up on the podcast as we continue to share the love, collaboration, inspiration, and many incredible stories of creative women throughout history.


Where women gather, creativity flourishes.

Where women gather, our stories cultivate growth.

Where women gather, we generate the power to elevate the whole of society.