Serenity in the Season

giveaway holidays maestra masterclass reflection Dec 15, 2023

Thank you everyone who entered our 12 Days Giveaway! We had a blast sharing the beautiful and inspiring gifts by and for creative women just like you. Congrats again to our winner Nicole Bryson for winning this holiday haul! And another congrats to Karen Wendt for winning the BONUS giveaway of another CocoGlow Self-Care Elixir Set!

All of these gifts are still available for purchase - check out Virtuosa Society on Instagram for more insight into these fabulous gifts and the brilliant minds behind them. We encourage you to buy gifts directly from these fabulous female creatives, fueling their drives and causes that make the world a better place for all. 

Just as these incredible creators have fueled our gift-giving drive, it is vital to nourish your creative spirit as we navigate the highs and lows of the holiday season. We know that it’s not always gingerbread men and snowglobe fun this time of year. Though the world has seen beautiful progress, we as women continue to use our voices and strengths to be seen. And heard. And recognized for the brilliance we bring to the table! Aside from those delectable holiday spreads, of course. Personally, I melt as quickly as the chocolate kiss atop my mom’s fresh-baked peanut butter cookies when presented with holiday treats.

Our celebrated traditions often come with a special kind of grief as we reflect on everything life has thrown our way the past year. Sometimes it is simply impossible to get all of our loved ones in the same place at the same time, no matter how much we love them and want them there. We work so hard to create that space to come together, and hold gratitude for the moments we know are worth cherishing.

Since relocating a few states away nearly a decade ago, my heart looks back on those memories with fondness, and a little bit of that grief I mentioned. I still have our Christmas group video chat to look forward to, but since I’m the only one out of state, my heart yearns for that family time I always had growing up. Pursuing my dreams took me somewhere they’re not, and though I am continuously grateful for the opportunities I have embraced, my inner child still craves mom’s peanut butter and chocolate kiss cookies.  

Every year, without fail.

My grandparents used to host Christmas at their big beautiful house. I will never forget that Christmas tree that seemed larger than life and towered over piles of gifts for everyone in my extended family. My immediate family is small and tight-knit, and what an incredible blessing that my family and traditions grew ten sizes! We embraced each other through every holiday when my mom married my stepdad, and after his passing, we embraced each other even more. 

We hold our holiday traditions close, and our loved ones even closer. One of my writing teachers once challenged the class to consider that love is selfish, in the best possible way: we see in others what we want to see in ourselves, and take every opportunity to be invested in. I think that’s beautiful. Love is a mirror we hold to ourselves and others, embracing our potential to be nourished while reflecting it back with encouragement and support.

Sometimes missing my loved ones and childhood traditions feels selfish, in the best possible way. Grief can be confusing like that. Holiday cookies aside, my mom also has a saying that will stick with me for life: What a blessing to have loved someone worth missing so much. And what a blessing to have memories worth cherishing every year, with people who come together to hold that mirror of love for one another.

As I have pursued personal goals a few states away, I have realized the value in investing in myself around this time every year. I have my own little Christmas tree with ornaments from Christmases I was too young to even remember! (My cat usually leaves it alone… usually.) I still have my favorite Christmas movies and music. And now I have new traditions with new loved ones who I cherish all the same.

Now here is the true beauty of that love and grief that sweeps in for the holiday season: we are our own underlying consistency. We carry that love and grief, we decorate our trees and bake our cookies, we wrap our presents, and we cherish those memories.

Every year, without fail.

We also embrace our potential to be nourished, reflecting on the past year and envisioning the next. Perhaps our plans didn’t quite come to fruition as we hoped. Or perhaps they did, and there was room for more! There is always room for more. There is always a you, a beautiful and thriving inner world with big dreams, to be nourished.

After all the Christmas songs and sales have passed and new memories are made, remember to keep investing in yourself. Nurturing your creative spirit is a necessity, though it does not always happen naturally. Sofi von Trapp, celebrated vocalist/performer and market researcher, has ignited her creative spark by passionately pursuing mental health resources for those in the music industry. Under her leadership in this masterclass, you will learn how to silence the noise and find your creative voice. (Even if you’re like me, who only sings for an audience of one, alone, in the shower. But the standing ovation still counts!)

May we carry our love and grief with grace through this holiday season, milking every moment for all it’s worth, and accepting support when we need it. And may we, as powerful creative women, continue to nourish ourselves, come together, and hold that mirror of love for one another. You can learn more about this upcoming in-person event here. There will be snacks, wisdom, stories, beautiful views at the Aerie retreat, and empowerment for all!


With a mirror of love,

Caia Claire

Digital Media Manager | Ballroom Dancer | Holiday Cookie Monster


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