Our Maestra's journey to clarity, and how she's guiding us.

2024 clarity maestra masterclass Jan 11, 2024


If you’ve seen The Sound of Music, you might be familiar with the Captain and Maria von Trapp – they’re Sofi von Trapp’s great-grandparents. Despite the pedigree, no one expected her to follow in the family tradition. She grew up on a small farm in Montana with loving, non-musical parents. When her grandfather (portrayed as “Kurt”) became too sick to travel, she and her siblings recorded songs for him to listen to in the hospital, never imagining they’d be heard by anyone outside the family.

One thing led to another, and suddenly the siblings were asked to sing in New Zealand, Rwanda, England, and Japan. They performed in venues like the Sydney Opera House, the Hollywood Bowl, and Beijing's Forbidden City. The doors kept opening, and they continued saying yes. As the oldest, Sofi was a leader to her siblings and a music director at 13 years old. She was touring nine months out of the year and taking on more and more managerial responsibilities for their music. 

Six years later, Sofi attended Berklee College of Music, studying voice and music business, where she juggled eight classes a semester alongside hosting her own radio show and singing with symphonies on weekends. And then she had a moment on stage singing Edelweiss on the Oprah Winfrey show, feeling lost, broken inside, and totally overwhelmed. 

She recalls, “I felt like I never wanted to sing again.”

Sofi didn’t know these were symptoms of burnout and certainly didn’t know who to turn to who would understand her unique circumstances. This went on for some time, and on May 3rd, 2016, the Von Trapp siblings performed their final show and let go of a 15-year career.


“In walking away from singing, I entered a period of transition – full of loss, but also community, individuation, and discovery. I strengthened my trust in my intuition and learned not to resent small beginnings.” 

She returned to school and earned a degree in psychology, and in her studies, she began to uncover the resources (or lack thereof) that she wished she had when she was struggling as a singer and band leader.  

The music industry is rife with systemic issues of inequality; difficulties with financial stability, relationships, access to healthcare, and physical exhaustion pose very real burdens to performers’ mental health, and there is a need for a more holistic, pragmatic, and actionable type of support. This led Sofi to the conclusion that these individuals need support not only with their mental health but also with their career and personal development. 

A path toward her calling began to form– to support by coaching mental health and development. She let go of music to find who she was beyond being a singer. That journey allowed her to return to music, this time with her own song – written from a space of healing and discovery and with a calling to coach others to find their true voices. 





If you’re reading this, we know you have fought an uphill battle of your own that has threatened to extinguish your creative spark. We see you. And we know how impossible it can seem.

As Sofi experienced, letting go of what no longer serves us is often not enough. It is a beautiful and confident step forward, however, and wonderful company for the tools we can gain to replace the hardships.

Sofi will be facilitating our upcoming Maestra Masterclass at the end of the month, helping us gain those tools to clarify our creative values to live life as our most authentic selves.


She is also offering one-on-one coaching sessions following the masterclass, addressing questions such as how to establish more creativity in your life, what is most important to you, and how to find the courage to follow your voice.

Although her experience is from a life of performing, these tools and lessons hold value for every Virtuosa in their creative field. This includes you! In these exclusive sessions, she strives to help everyone (not just singers) uncover their strengths and values.

In Sofi’s words, “Our objective is to identify what truly ignites passion and initiate the journey toward a fulfilling life guided by one's authentic voice.”

Coaching sessions are $150 for 60min or $85 for 30min.

No matter your path or pedigree, we hope you will join us in finding clarity together. As creative women, our mental health often simmers on the back burner for a variety of reasons. This masterclass and coaching opportunity is intended to change that for the better, to open the door for your inner Virtuosa to thrive.

Sofi will only be offering TWO private coaching sessions each day, following the conclusion of the masterclass at The Aerie Retreat Center: one session at 2:30pm and the next session at 3:45pm.

Reservations for these exclusive private coaching opportunities are on a first come basis. If you are interesting in booking a spot, please email [email protected] with your preferred date and time, and we will direct you to Sofi for confirmation and further instructions.


This offer is ONLY for attendees of the Maestra Masterclass!


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